What our seafood section do?
With over Twenty years’ experience within the international seafood sourcing on import and Export and procuring, Al Khalsan General Trading (KGT) has obtained the necessary expertise to cater for all your needs about the seafood.
Our Seafood section is one of the most dedicated and long experienced established seafood activity in the United Arab Emirates since 1996. Along with our state of the art facilities and having close relationship, working with many seafood processing plant in the region countries.
Our operating team, strictly controls all quality steps from A to Z of preparation each items, such as : Handling, Processing, Grading, Freezing and packing stages with highly equipped and facilitated factories (EEC Aand HACCP Approved ) across neighboring countries, we do this to fulfill our commitment till to deliver best product to our client.
Since 1996, which our company started its activity on supply different seafood, apart of supply to UAE (as main market) and other neighboring countries like Oman, KSA, Egypt, Lebanon. we have pursued an expansion of operations in other part of the world including: Fareast (Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, . . . . ) and European Continent (France, Spain Italy as well as UK.)
Our main activity in this section is Trading and sourcing on:

A. Local market and export:
  • Farm raised shrimp (P. Vannamei)
  • Ribbon fish (Trichiurus Lepturus)
  • Cuttlefish (Sepia Pharmacies)
  • Seabass
B. Import :
  • Skipjack ( Africa, Thailand, Indonesia , Nz, China )
  • Yellowfin (Africa, Thailand, Indonesia , Nz, China)
  • Skipjack loin (China, Indonesia)
  • Tilapia (China, Vietnam, Philippine)
  • Hoki (African countries , Latin American, Nz)
  • Hake (African contrives , Latin American)
  • White fish (Canada )

We see our main role as facilitating, executing trade by providing a strong framework for the safe and secured delivery from vetting the m farmers , suppliers through to providing a robust financing solution.
New markets are opening all the time and in order to be able to take these opportunities clients need to be sure that the trade is safe & secure, this is exactly where our strengths lie.
As a result of its continued success over the past Twenty years, KGT has now established a presence in Hong Kong. This will enable ourselves to streamline its current operation, while, at the same time, opening up many new and exciting opportunities & markets.