Who We Are

All types of companies now need developers to help them grow, especially start-ups are now the second hardest group of professionals to recruit and finding engineers, developers, programmers, DevOps, Data Analysts and Mobile developers is only going to get harder.

This is where we come to play; We have a great source of top talent engineers, developers and UI/UX progessionals ready to help you kick off big ideas!

Outsourcing Solutions


Cross browser and industry standard web-based applications.


Mobile and smart device applications.

Big Data

Data Insights, Business Intelligence, Cloud computing and Databases.

QA and Testing

From unit tests to acceptance tests, A/B testing, Multi-platform testing and UI automation.

How do we work

Our cooperation model is straightforward. For each project, we pick fully dedicated developers to become your own engineers. Integration with onsite development teams is seamless and painless.
We can help you build your MVP (minimum viable product) and can even stay with you until your product-market fit. By using Lean and Agile practices and proven industry standards you'll be sure that the right team is building your software product and IT services.


Whatever the project complexity and size, we use the best-of-breed development tools available on the market. Some of our technologies we provide to our clients include: Ruby on Rails, Microsoft .NET, Elixir, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, Amazon AWS, Elastic Search, MySql and NoSQL databases.

Be sure we’ll offer you that very latest stack to support your innovation crusade.

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About 300,000 jobs get outsourced out of the US
Saving money is a major motivation for outsourcing IT
Higher-level jobs will be outsourced more in the future
One-third of small businesses currently outsource their business processes